Why Your Website Defines Your Business

SEPTEMBER 10, 2013

Why Your Website Defines Your Business

If you were a lawyer and went to court wearing sweatpants and a holey t-shirt, there is a good chance nobody would take you seriously. Your clients would likely request new counsel. The point is, image does matter. It’s not the “end all, be all”, but it does matter. Your personal image is important to your clients, but so is your business image. This goes for the building you have your offices in, and it also goes for your website. The company website you have is your virtual business, and it should be in harmony with your brand and marketing strategies. Investment in your website is just as important as keeping your physical location professional and attractive.

Ask Yourself:

  1. Do I have a modern website design? Does my website keep a balanced, symmetrical flow to allow my visitors to have the best user experience?
  2. Do I have a mobile responsive website? When my customers search me on their mobile devices, do I have a mobile friendly solution to allow them to browse my website?
  3. Do I have an active content stream on my website? Am I staying up to date with blog updates and/or press releases? Am I optimizing my website content with industry rich keywords?
  4. Am I sharing relevant content to my social media outlets? Does my website have active social media widgets? Am I embedding my social content to my blog?


If you answered “no” to many of those above questions, you’ve come to the right place. IndiaWebmediaPro Technologies will provide you the ultimate website design experience. Starting with the design, we will discuss what we like and what we dont like. We will compare your competitors’ websites to make sure we are ahead of the game. Once the design is completed, we will turn it into interactive code, where you can view the progress of the website on a development test link. With a custom content management system (CMS), you can quickly update your website without having advanced technical experience. We make it easy for you to maintain your brand’s digital marketing image.

But first, let’s discuss more benefits of a great looking website:

Impressions Online Are Hard to Change

It’s hard to get a second chance with someone online, especially if they have a really negative view of your company image. If your website looks like it’s cheaply done and has little or no information on it, then the message you are sending is that you don’t care about your online customers. Ignoring your website’s improvement needs is like ignoring a customer who walks into your business and is standing at the register with a question–the results will be the same. With most people turning to the Internet to gather information about businesses, even local businesses, you will want to have the best information available about your company and products on your website.

Be Willing to Pay for What You Want

If the carpet in your building is ragged and stained, you would invest to buy new carpet. If your website isn’t up to snuff, you should be willing to pay a web designer to make it in harmony with your brand and marketing strategies. Your website, brand, and marketing campaign need to be consistent in message and quality. If it’s not, it will confuse your current and potential customers, and your reputation may be damaged as a result. Get a web designer on board and work with a marketing professional to make your messages consistent and your content engaging.

Market Heavily Online

An online marketer can help you develop SEO content and enhance your visibility in search engine results. They can help you upload products to be listed in search engine results, and they can help you protect your reputation from bad reviews and other negative things on the Internet. Investing in online marketing will keep your business strong, and you may just find that you are getting more business from the Internet than you do at your physical location.

First impressions often say it all. If you don’t think your impressions online are worthy of your business, get professional help to make things better. The boost to your brand and your profits will be very noticeable as you invest in this way. Your website will become the go-to for people looking for the products and services you sell.