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Software Development

IndiaWebmediaPro in fact is a boutique outsourcing company which is offering a complete range of software development solutions for a wide variety of verticals & internet business domains. Irrespective of whether you being a startup or an established business organization, IndiaWebmediaPro will be more than happy to help you at all levels of software development processes, right from conceptualization to business analysis & prototyping or development & deployment of complete range of software solutions.

Customized Development

At IndiaWebmediaPro, we are not just satisfied by creating customized software for you, we intend to deliver solutions to solve your business problems. In order to achieve this, we are backed-up by a decade long record of success & trust by some of the world’s biggest brands.

Software Product Development

It is essential for a successful commercial product to meet diverse user requirements which are far different from typical off-the-shelf software projects. You are most welcome to tap into our domain & technology expertise so as to develop a customized product which is meant to wow your audience.

UX Design & Prototyping

Eventually, user experience is a determining factor which will either make or break your entire project. This is why our UX design & prototyping experts will ensure that the resulting UI is highly acceptable across various platforms & devices.

Expertise in Application & Integration

You know how it is. Seamless integration of disparate software systems can be infinitely challenging. Nevertheless, your business can improve real-time access to information, streamlining business processes & facilitating system maintenance with help of our EAI services.

IndiaWebmediaPro Differentiators

Considering Iterative & Low-Risk Development Approaches
It is Scrum methodology which allows IndiaWebmediaPro to rapidly build complex applications which can efficiently handle fast changing requirements while improving overall product quality guided through an effective & rigorous QA process.

Usability & Ease-Of-Use Is Top Priority

IndiaWebmediaPro UX experts are here to ensure that you app is intuitive, straightforward & easy to navigate, irrespective of the user using a desktop or mobile for access. Typically, we start with UI prototyping & user flows in order to create more meaningful user experiences.

Superior product quality

IndiaWebmediaPro leverages QA & testing expertise so as to build world-class products. Our specialization lies in several types of testing & practice of QA automation wherever it makes sense for the project in delivering results that are much faster.

Best-in-class talent

Obviously, we are proud of our talented pool of professionals who continuously invest their time, education & certifications obtained by industrial leaders like Microsoft, Scrum Alliance, ISTQB, MongoDB, Oracle & others.

IPR protection

IndiaWebmediaPro takes Intellectual Property Rights very seriously. We ensure that you will be the sole owner of codebase & other project deliverables as well upon completion of the project.

Rock-solid guarantees

Every IndiaWebmediaPro contract includes guarantee clauses which are meant to ensure that your project will be completed on time & within the specified budget. Apart from this, we offer a 180 day warranty period which is designed to correct all possible defects after completion of the project.

Process, Steps & Activities

IndiaWebmediaPro Software Engineering processes are composed of several activities, including the following.

Requirements & Analysis

Extracting requirements of the desired software product is one of the first tasks which are essential for creating one. This in fact requires skills & experience of software engineering in order to recognize incomplete, contradictory or ambiguous requirements even when in cases where customers normally believe they know what the software is meant to do.


Specifications include the task of precisely describing how the software is to be written within a mathematically rigorous way. Most successful specifications in practice are & fine-tuned to understand applications which were already quite well developed even though safety-critical software systems are quite often very carefully specified prior to development of applications. Specifications as such, are most important for external interfaces which must effectively remain stable.

Software architecture

Architecture of a software system basically refers to a software system which is an abstract representation of what is required. Architecture is designed in order to concern with the making of the software system which will eventually meet the requirements of the product while ensuring that future requirements will also be met at the same time.


This involves reducing a design to code & which may be the most obvious part of any software engineering job. However, this is not necessarily the largest portion of software engineering.


It is the software engineer’s job to test parts of the software, especially when it involves working together of coding designed by two different engineers.


It is an important task to document internal design of software which is meant for the purpose of future maintenance & enhancement of the software system

Our Process of Working:

  • Information Gathering
  • Planning & Start Work
  • Communicate with Client for Queries and Analysis
  • Developers will Use IndiaWebmediaPro Tracker in Working Duration
  • Send Timely Updates
  • Client can View Print Screen of Working Duration
  • Request Client’s Feedback & Approval

Engagement Options

Our engagement options have been designed in a thoroughly throughout the manner that are based on various needs and constraints you might have during a project designing cycle. Opt for any of the schemes that fit the best for your working style.

  • During the development, Developers will be online through Skype to communicate with client.
  • Client can also communicate with Developers through email or phone
  • Developers will give daily update through email or using digital project reporting system
  • IndiaWebmediaPro will transfer all source code to owner as and when required
  • In case, if client is not happy, we will replace Developers within 48 hours.
  • Free Team Leader support during the development

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