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Communication Strategy

An effective communication is the key to building trust and a strong relation with the client and among the teammates. Our high- level communication strategy involves efficient addressing of client’s demands (technical & non-technical), work on the issues and an instant action on the feedback.

Daily Meetings

Daily meetings of all project stakeholders assure seamless development of the client’s project. Such meetings ensure proper understanding of end to end requirement to all project stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle. This also enables to deliver the project within the shared timeline.

Customer Advocates

Our Customer Advocates, assigned to each client, act instantly to make sure that their expectations are met at the earliest. They facilitate resolution for clients’ query by connecting concerned persons with the client. They ensure that there is no communication gap between client and the development team.

Periodic Updates

At every development phase, we provide a clear and concise picture of the progress made on the client’s project. Project reports are generated automatically at IndiaWebmediaPro which are shared with clients on periodic basis. These reports help to maintain 100% transparency of the project with clients.


Our team communicates with clients through various channels such as Skype, Phone, Email, etc. as per the clients’ preference & convenience. Effective communication between project stakeholders and clients ensures that both are equally updated about project’s progress.

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