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Quality Assurance

Assurance and Controlling are two significant aspects of Quality. Extensive testing during the development lifecycle, Compliance with the defined processes & international coding standards is always followed at IndiaWebmediaPro. Client Advocates on all projects ensures 100% client satisfaction.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

International Organization for Standardization is an independent norms-setting body, which develops and publishes global standards. IndiaWebmediaPro actively follows the ISO standards to provide on-time delivery with superior quality. Hence, getting development work as per the established industry norms is guaranteed with us.

CMMI Level 3

Capability Maturity Model (CMMI) is the only quality standard in the world to check end-to-end capability and maturity of an I.T. company. IndiawebmediaPro strictly follows CMMI Level 3 standards (wherever required) and continuously works on improving processes according to business requirements.

Process & Product Audits

Process & Product Audits at IndiaWebmediaPro ensure the maintenance of international quality standards. Process Audit confirms that all processes are being followed. Product Audit confirms end-to-end functional audit of a project. Knowledge of all compliance and best quality practices make IndiaWebmediaPro a top choice for all clients.

Testing During Development

Thorough testing of all projects during development is our mandatory practice. Testing of each unit/component is done at defined regular intervals by developers/programmers to ensure 100% quality. Another quality practice “Peer Testing” is followed at IndiaWebmediaPro to double-validate the project and make it completely bug-free.

Testing Before Delivery

Testing before delivery makes sure that the developed software/website/application is completely error-free and fully-functional. IndiaWebmediaPro has a dedicated team of certified testers to perform functional testing, performance testing, etc.Thousands of clients have achieved unimaginative success with our delivered high-quality software & applications.

Client Advocacy

Special services of client advocacy on each project at IndiaWebmediaPro make us outstanding. The client advocate acts as a mediator between the client & development team and ensures that no communication gap exists. All queries & concerns of all clients are addressed with quick turnaround time.

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