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Terms of Service

Acceptance of Terms

The materials and services provided by IWP (IndiaWebmediaPro), are subjected to the following Terms of Use. By registering or accessing for our resources and services from this Site you consent to follow and are bound by the Terms of use. If you are not willing to accept the prescribed terms, Do not use this site.

Description of Services

IWP will endow you with the access to an assortment of resources articles and downloads, including technical news, business and information. The service which includes innovation for web solutions and provided to the users are subjected to the acceptance of Terms and Conditions

Materials Available Pursuant to the Site

We at IWP are bound to the Terms of use and empower you to view news letters or articles acquired from this Site directly or via email in conformance to a request via the Site, provided you get registered with IWP. Third Party Software may be utilized and downloaded from Advance Ecom Solutions. At IWP we ensure you that the third parties will be restricted from accessing any information provided by the user.

Limitation on Use

The materials and services proffered are for your reference. It is provided to you with an intention to acquaint the users with the company. However it is forbidden to misuse, distribute, copy, reproduce the content, transfer or publish the content. Offending the above terms may lead to termination of your authorization and service over the site. In addition, the offender may also face legal action and penalties.

Privacy Policy

Please refer the Privacy Policy relating to the use and collection of your information. By using the website, you are accepting the processing of your information by IWP.

User Information

Prior of getting registered with IWP please read the terms and conditions thoroughly and ascertain that the information is correct. Newsletters from IWP are mailed to the users, registered with us. It is the whole and sole responsibility of the user to take responsibility pertaining to the misuse of their account.

User Communication

“Quick Contact” is a special feature which enables the user to communicate with IWP speedily. It is a safe medium where you are free to enquire about the kind of business you would like to have with IWP. The given information should be liable to the privacy policy and terms of use.


IWP reserves the right to make changes in the company policies without giving any prior notice. Patrons are requested to view this page to acquire the update for terms as they are bound to follow it. Feel free to contact us if you have any queries. Suggestions if any are most welcomed. We ensure you that issues will be addressed to our best.

Privacy on Policy

IWP updates the information about the user from their submission for various services. We may use this data to get in touch with you via email for business development process, promotional and marketing purposes. We assure you that the information provided by you will not be provided to third parties.

Changes to Policy

IWP can modify this privacy policy under certain special circumstances. Any former notice for these updations will not be provided to you. Patrons will only be provided with the “last updated” date.