Why SSL The Purpose of Using SSL Certificates

MARCH 10, 2014

Why SSL? The Purpose of using SSL Certificates

Implementing a SSL certificate, or a Secure Sockets Layer certificate is a way to ensure the safety and privacy of your users and potential customers. SSL certificates offer a number of benefits and advantages over other websites that choose not to install and utilize a verified certificate themselves.

Keeping Up With Google Panda Updates

Because of Google Panda’s recent updates within the search engine, installing a SSL certificate to your own website has never been more highly recommended. Google is determined to share websites and URL’s that are ranked as “quality”, often triggered by discovering the use of a SSL certificate. By sharing quality and safe websites, Google is less likely to expose potentially threatening websites to browsers online.

Encrypting Data and Keeping it Secure

SSL certificates help by encrypting data and keeping it secure, away from potential hackers and online thieves with malicious intent. SSL certificates provide storage for encrypted data — making it nearly impossible to gain access to — giving your users peace of mind whenever they are making purchases or browsing the site themselves.

Establish Your Business and Brand Online

By having a credible SSL certificate, it is much easier to establish yourself as an online business or brand. Making a name for your brand while having users and customers trust you is essential when you are looking to have an impact in any field or industry, regardless of the products and services you are looking to sell.

Visual cues from web browsers also allow visitors to know when their connection is secured. A Standard SSL certificate will show a lock icon, while a Premium SSL certificate will show a green bar and text. Visitors will trust your website more when they see these cues, which, on top of increased search ranking results, will result in higher conversion rates.

Overall, the disadvantages of using SSL are few and the advantages far outweigh them. It is critical that you properly use SSL on all websites that require sending sensitive information. Proper use of SSL certificates will help protect your customers, help protect you, and help you to gain your customers trust and sell more. Understanding the benefits of SSL certificates is a way for you to ensure your website is set up properly whether you are storing user information and data or if you want to allow customers to make purchases directly from your website itself.