What is Branding

AUGUST 10, 2013

What is Branding?

Potential customers who never think of your business are unlikely to pay you a visit. However, the art creating an image in the minds of customers is more challenging than many imagine; how do you make your company more memorable? Perhaps the most powerful technique is to focus on your company’s branding.

Branding is the creation and use of various elements to form an image in the minds of potential customers, and it is essential for having an impact with your marketing and other outreach efforts. Because of the Internet, it has never been easier to create effective branding, and it has never been more important to do so.

The Logo

The centerpiece of any branding effort is the logo. While it might seem a bit odd, simple logos often work best, and companies will spend millions of dollars finding the simplest yet most powerful logo to use. Perhaps the most famous logo in the world is the McDonald’s logo. The modern iteration of it was released in the late 1960s, but it has a timeless appeal that never seems to go out of style, and it’s versatility makes it even more powerful. It also serves as a centerpiece around which the food giant creates its other branding.

Business Material

After developing a logo, companies can focus on ensuring that their business material matches their overall branding vision. All letterheads should work in concert with the logo to leave an impression on those who view them, and business cards need to incorporate the logo as well. Even though we are living in the Digital Age, printed material still matters, and many business contacts are still made through paper. Companies need to avoid settling for subpar results.


A company’s website is often its first impression on visitors, and it’s important that the website embodies the company’s branding. This can sometimes be done with little more than an appropriate color theme paired with the company logo, but some prefer to take this a bit further. Coca-Cola, for examples, uses their branding in conjunction with advertising-like material to leave an impression on visitors. Businesses that don’t sell products online may want to consider viewing the primary purpose of their website as reinforcing branding.

Social Media

While social media represents a tremendous opportunity for companies, it also presents a few challenges. Since operators have limited control over what appears on their pages, there are fewer options for presenting branding in an effective manner. That said, social media pages allow users to upload banner images and avatars, which can be used to present branding in an effective manner. By looking at what large companies are doing, smaller company owners and managers can find a bit of guidance.

Kodak is well known for its branding, and many have argued that its success is due to its name and associated imagery. By starting with a logo and creating other elements, companies can ensure that their branding leads to better sales and customer engagement.