February 10, 2018

The Future of UX Design

Design is made for people. That being said, you cannot understand good design if you do not understand your audience. User experience is the essence of design, which prioritizes needs in every aspect of a product experience. As we evaluate the state of UX design and consider its future, it is essential to understand that it does not begin or end with a device or app. UX designers must look beyond interfaces and address the big picture, which requires meeting user needs and expectations.

UX design has steadily evolved thanks to smart technology and an increased focus on the service industry. If we evaluate technological trends, we can understand that whether a product becomes successful is not only determined by its level of innovation, but also its desirability to the user. Case in point, Google released augmented reality glasses that ceased production in 2015 after poor sales and numerous concerns.

If we shift our focus towards artificial intelligence, it is notable that automation technologies have become a reality in nearly every industrial sector. While there have been attempts at using AI to deliver design work, the work of UX designers requires complex user testing and emotional intelligence. A machine would need to be capable of both empathy and compassion to have successful implementation.

When interpreting the qualities that UX designers must have moving forward, it is essential that they are:


 – Design must constantly adept as a discipline in order to meet new client, customer, and user needs.


 – There is a growing focus on the visual appearance, behaviour of the product, speed, and anticipation of a user’s next requirement.


 – As user experience becomes reality in high-risk applications such as automated cars, products must be designed to establish trust.

The future of UX design shows endless possibilities. There will be more useful applications of augmented reality, voice user interfaces will become more important in the interactions with televisions, music players, and in-car features, and the demand for UX design will expand to tackle small problems of daily life. IndiaWebmediaPro Technologies understands the importance of incorporating UX design into the functionality of your website.