Web Hosting Made Easy

NOVEMBER 10, 2013

Web Hosting Made Easy

Owning and operating a website has become incredibly easy to do. IndiaWebmediaPro Technologies now offers several distinct and easy to use options for anyone looking to own a website. It is common for a new website owner to think that all hosting options are the same, which is completely false. With such a wide variety of hosting options available, the task of picking a particular service can seem daunting to any website owner. This article will explain, in simple, easy to understand terms, the difference between three major types of hosting: shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting.

  1. Shared Hosting – The College Dorm

Shared hosting is usually one of the cheapest paid hosting services, and for many people, is all they will ever need. Picture it this way: buying space in a shared hosting environment is like living in a dorm. You will get your own space for your website, but resources and tools must be shared among all the others who are living in that same common. Like living in a dormitory, anything you do can affect the other residents, so the administrator of the hosting area (similar to a resident assistant or RA) will set rules so that everyone gets their fair share of space and resources. Shared hosting is great for someone who needs a website that does not take up a lot of space, and won’t have so many visitors that it affects the other websites sharing the server that contains your website. If your website is expected to be very frequently visited, or you need to install some resources that require a more complex space, shared hosting is probably not right for you. However, if you are looking for a cheap place to set up a simple website, shared hosting can offer all of the resources and support that you need.

  1. VPS Hosting – The Townhome

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, and this level of hosting is the next level up from shared hosting. If shared hosting refers to living in a dorm, VPS would be analogous to purchasing a townhome. In VPS hosting you have a lot more control over your website and the resources it can use, but you still have “neighbors,” or people who use the same server as you. This means that you still have to be considerate of other people in the area, and websites in the area can affect one another. A lot of people choose VPS hosting for the flexibility and customizability that comes with the space. For example, in a dormitory, doing things such as painting walls, hanging pictures, or changing carpets must usually be consulted before doing so. In a townhome, you can do all that and more. The same holds true for VPS hosting compared to shared hosting. The control over website space is much higher, but there are still some restrictions. This is because the space is still technically shared, although there is much more separation between websites than what comes with shared hosting.

  1. Dedicated Hosting – The Homeowner

Dedicated hosting is the top tier of hosting, reserved for those with specific needs for their website. Dedicated hosting is the most expensive option, but it comes with its own set of privileges. If shared hosting is a dormitory and VPS is a townhome, then dedicated hosting is analogous to purchasing a house. A person who owns a dedicated server has complete and total control over their website. They are able to purchase upgrades as needed, and can install any number of tools for their website to use. There is no real concern of neighbors, and the space is not shared at all, so a person who owns space on a dedicated server can have complete freedom to do whatever they would like for their website. However, similar to how a house is dependent on city utilities, like electricity, water, and sewers, a dedicated server must still work with the equipment around it in order to make sure that the website on it can function properly.

IndiaWebmediaPro Technologies can provide its clients shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting solutions. We will maintain and secure your website so that you can handle all of your business essentials, while your website continues to showcase your services and generate valuable leads. Contact us to find out how we can help you save money and become more efficient in your website management initiatives.