Web Design For Search Engine Optimization

NOVEMBER 10, 2015

Web Design for Search Engine Optimization

Many new designers focus on how amazing a website may look, yet do not always consider one of the most important purposes of the site – to deliver content and be found through search. The best way to increase your website traffic is through optimizing it for major search engines such as Google and Bing. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) starts as soon as a web page is being designed.

Once a designer understands what they are designing for, who they are designing for, and the overall purpose of the website, SEO design comes easy. Let’s review some key factors to take into consideration when designing for search engine optimization.

Eliminate the Splash Page

A splash page is an absolute no-no when it comes to trying to improve SEO efforts. Search engines work through “crawling” to find most of the information needed from your index page. If your index page is a splash page, you risk the chance of directing potential clients to your site.

Design for Text

Designers strive to make everything look good, but unfortunately too many site elements contain graphics. You need some amount of text for search engines to pick up on. Image maps, rollovers, and images for navigational links should rarely be used.

Make Sense of File Names

Search engines, like Google Images, can also search through pictures. Create file names that accurately describe your images. For example, if you are creating a site about website design, name any pictures according to their page with website design also incorporated: about-websitedesign.jpg.

Inset ALT Tags

When an image is inserted into a website, you have the option to add an alt tag, which provides an alternative description of your image. Search engines use alt tags to help determine the relevance of a website.

Clean Code

Clean codes reap the most benefits of search engine optimization as it makes it easier for search engines to figure out what is what. Furthermore, clean code helps with your website’s performance.


While there is no guarantee to get excellent page rankings or a large amount of views, through designing your site for optimal SEO, you can definitely help your efforts. Search engine optimization includes many other factors, but those listed above sets you up for success. In order to ensure that your website is designed for search engine optimization, choose a professional with a high level of experience in this area, such as IndiaWebmediaPro Technologies