Ways To Harness Social Media For Your Brand

AUGUST 10, 2015

Ways to Harness Social Media for Your Brand

Social media now consumes daily life and it is not just reserved for teens and young adults. Adults and grandparents are also beginning to create their own profiles on common sites such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and many more. This is great news for businesses, as social media marketing now has a greater reach due to the rising use of social media across all demographics. That being said, it is necessary to understand how social media correlates to online marketing success. There are five main concepts that must be learned in order to harness social media for your brand.

  1. Social Media Commerce – The integration of eCommerce into social media sites is now beginning to reach mainstream levels. Individuals have become accustomed to making purchases through their mobile devices. Including a web-based sales component can help heighten both sales and engagement. While Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have already modified their sites to include “Buy Now” options, it won’t be long until the rest follow.
  2. Agile Marketing – Social media is fast-paced and provides instant gratification. Marketing campaigns therefore must be able to respond to relevant events and act in a swift manner. This means that there is no longer time for companies to wait days in order to get approvals for marketing campaigns. Business marketers must be able to adapt the campaigns to the trends on social media sites.
  3. Content – Content marketing is at an all-time high as it engages users and urges them to pass along information on their own social network. Whether it is a blog, video, infographic, or any other post, the main goal is for your content to go viral. Buzzfeed and Upworthy are great sites that have mastered this skill.
  4. Private Messages – Almost all social media sites have a way for users to send private messages. These serve as one-on-one communication and can provide a custom experience, especially if any form of sensitive information may be involved. Marketers must formulate responses based on the type of audience they are dealing with, while not making users feel cornered.
  5. Mobile Payment Options – Once you have successfully setup the ability for customers to interact with your business on mobile devices, setting up mobile payments through various platforms can ensure a seamless process while initiating a different way to engage them. Branded platforms also are trustworthy and can form a lasting relationship with both current and future clients.

Social media is a fast-paced world of its own and it can seem impossible to keep up with at times, but if you are able to get ahead of trends and innovate your business, you can make all the difference in your brand.  IndiaWebmediaPro Technologies specializes in social media management and can get your company on the path towards success.