Top Signs You Need a New Website

JUNE 10, 2015

Top Signs You Need a New Website

Technology is rapidly changing and a number of businesses are finding themselves in a position where their current website does not meet the needs of their company and clients. At IndiaWebmediaPro Technologies, website redesign is one of the top inquiry requests. With years of experience in this field, there are a number of comments by business owners that have become not only humorous, but also painfully accurate. Let’s look at the top eight signs that your company needs a new website.

  1. The website looks like it is from the 90s…and it is.
  2. The website is in major need to updates, but your family members who managed it are now unavailable.
  3. The animated gif of your company’s dancing mascot is getting tired and doesn’t relay the proper marketing message.
  4. Your company PowerPoint presentations offer more content information than your current site.
  5. You aren’t sure how many visitors your website generates, or what they do once they get there.
  6. The site contains the standard resolution size of 800×600, which was popular nearly 20 years ago.
  7. Even employees are unable to navigate the site to find relevant content.
  8. The website runs so slow that you can eat lunch while navigating between pages.

Don’t force yourself to rely on tech savvy family members or outdated software packages containing limited capabilities. There are a number of modern tools that can help build a fresh new site, although at times these can be confusing to understand. If you need help and want the job done right, contact IndiaWebmediaPro Technologies to design and develop your business website!