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AUGUST 10, 2016

The Art of Creating a Successful Law Firm Website

Law firms are essentially their own entity when it comes to websites, blogs, and SEO efforts. Their unique services can also present challenges with Internet marketing, as they require a theme that can adequately fulfill the needs of this industry. In this technology-driven era, a website is now a law firm’s new front door and many cases are generated through someone reviewing the content contained on these sites.

Prospects, clients, the media, and many other sources access these sites through virtue of effective search engine optimization, where they are weeded from high-level rankings containing information about lawyers, services they offer, and how they can assist. Interestingly enough, visitors to law firm sites spend nearly half their time looking specifically at attorney biographies. This gives insight onto what information should be front and center on the home page.

While many designers strive to create a home page that is structured so visitors can quickly find information and content they need, it should be noted that photos, success stories, contact information, and publications are just as important when devising a law firm website. A great looking home page means nothing if it doesn’t provide the information your audience is looking for.

Ongoing SEO efforts will always be imperative, but properly optimizing the site for Google, Bing, and other search engines is critical when creating the content for a law firm website. Blogs, social media links, and news items can aide in this process towards delivering fresh content and boosting rankings. Keep an eye out for advertisements promising to provide top rankings in return for hefty monthly fees.

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