August 25, 2017

Facebook Marketing Tips for Time Management     

Facebook continues to dominate as a marketing tool. According to the Social Media Marketing Industry Report, 55 percent of marketers considered Facebook as the most important social media-marketing platform. Unfortunately, the platform’s depth has a tendency to keep users in the marketing vortex where time tends to pass quicker than any place on Earth. On average, marketers spend one to five hours per week on Facebook. This time has gradually increased due to companies spending more resources creating content and responding to customer queries. This doesn’t have to be the same scenario is your case. With a few tricks and tools, you can achieve more with Facebook marketing in less time.

  1. Utilize the Save Feature

Generating new content to post on social media is a constant challenge. You will often come across enticing content that you want to share at some point. Luckily, Facebook offers a save feature that allows you to access it later. When you need to share good content but you are out of ideas, simply head over to the saved area on Facebook and repost!

  1. Schedule Posts in Advance

Social media automation allows users to schedule updates days, weeks, or months in advance. This provides the option to create Facebook marketing updates and schedule them to go out in intervals. Your page will then be updated with a consistent stream of content. Outside of Facebook, social media management tools such as Hootsuite also offer this option, which can save time and warrants maximum engagement.

  1. Build Brand Advocates

Brand advocates are individuals who are loyal to your brand and can step in to increase the time spent on the page as well as manage the ongoing activity. Through building good relationships with your brand advocates, they can step in on your behalf to engage new followers and answer others on your behalf.

  1. Utilize Facebook Analytics

Not only will accessing Page Insights free up your time, but it allows you to know what variables make your audience tick. In turn, you can set up new campaigns. For example, you can check which posts are getting the post tractions and the time of day that your followers come online. This removes the guesswork form your equation. Google Analytics is another source that offers more insight into your marketing strategy.

While you may or may not have come across these measures before, they can save you an abundance of time in regards to Facebook marketing. IndiaWebmediaPro Technologies has years of experience with social media management and understands how to target your campaigns for maximum return. If your marketers are spending excessive amounts of time revisiting various strategies, contact us today to learn more about how we can provide an effective time management solution for social media marketing.