Protecting Your Website From Hackers

JULY 10, 2014

Protecting Your Website From Hackers

Protecting your company from hackers requires a tight net of website security that must be consistently updated. You cannot keep hackers away using old hacker prevention techniques that are not proven to work. Hackers are updating their craft every day, and you must find ways to prevent information loss or theft when your  web business is attacked. You may use the techniques in this article to protect your business, and each new item is another rung that can be added to a very thick layer of security.

New Verification Procedures

Verifying logins on your website is an important part of keeping out hackers. Hackers who make their way into your site are bypassing old verification procedures that are easy to crack. New verification procedures prevent robots from getting past your security, and someone who knows how to bypass your security will rob you of information. Update verification procedures using captcha, SMS codes or code generators that hackers cannot access.

Strong Passwords

Strong passwords should be required of every person who uses your site. Website security and hacker prevention start with those who use the site every day. Passwords can be broken easily, and spyware programs steal passwords that are not changed consistently. You must require every user to create a complex password that cannot be hacked, and you must set up a system that reminds users to change their passwords every 60-75 days.

Use A Cloud

Cloud storage is much safer than storing files on computers, and your web business will protect itself with a cloud storage system. Cloud storage systems are excellent website security items, and you may offer protected access to anyone who wishes to use the cloud outside the office. The cloud provider protects the server using their own security procedures, and you may increase your hacker prevention with the help of the company that provides your security.

Your web business will profit every day when it is safe from the intervention of hackers and thieves. The procedures listed in this article will help you prevent intrusions into your business, and your website will remain a clean place where your customers browse and shop. The website is a hub where your business is found by anyone in the world who needs your products and services. Do not allow your website to become a feeding ground for hackers who know they can get past your outdated security.