Principles of Effective Website Design

JANUARY 10, 2015

Principles of Effective Website Design

The success or failure of a website is based on various user-centric design features. Individuals who navigate online sites glance at pages, scan some of the text, and click on areas that catch their interest. Based on this information, let’s review the top principles of effective website design.

Pages Should Be Self-Explanatory

When developing your site, a top goal is to get rid of question marks. If the navigation of the site isn’t intuitive, it makes it more difficult for users to understand how to get from point A to point B. Through providing a clean structure and a balanced website design, it can help individuals easily navigate and grasp the idea behind your business.

Content Must Be Effectively Written

Website content should be geared toward your target audience’s preferences and browsing habits. Generally speaking, promotional writing, long text blocks, and exaggerated language are ignored. Instead, use short and concise phrases with a layout that can be easily scanned. Furthermore, plain and objective language that doesn’t sound like an advertisement can go a long way.

Keep Things Simple

Despite the fabulous design your site may have, users are looking for specific information that can easily be located. From a visitor standpoint, pure text without any advertisements is the best way to deliver information. Clearly present imperative content that provides a choice of options without confusing site users.

Test Your Site Early and Often

Crucial insights into site problems can be caught early if testing is done at the right time. When designing your website, ensure that it is tested, all issues are fixed, and it is re-tested. Gain a fresh perspective from individuals who are not a part of the development process.

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