Perfecting The Art of Mobile Navigation

JULY 10, 2015

Perfecting the Art of Mobile Navigation

Mobile usage continues to rise and is now surpassing the number of desktop users. This means that website designers must create a site that can be utilized across a variety of platforms. With the increase in consumers purchasing both products and services online, as well as communicating away from the confines of their desk or home, the design focus must be on mobile user experience.

A great way to ensure a satisfactory user experience is through focusing on mobile navigation. Seamless navigation enables consumers to easily find what they are looking for and subsequently leads to more conversions. Overall, great mobile navigation is based on what you include in the main menu. Since screen space is minimal on mobile devices, you must pick and choose what will be displayed.

Including a search feature should be an essential as it allows users to quickly find what they are looking for. Since many elements that are on a traditional website homepage will be eliminated, a search feature can ensure that consumers will be able to still find all necessary information. This is typically at the top of the screen for ease of access.

A home icon is also an essential component that should be included on mobile navigation as it gives users a direct overview of the most important content. Furthermore, home icons can help individuals reorient themselves if they would like to get back to the main page.

A share button has now become a key feature of mobile websites, as social media sharing is even more popular on mobile devices than desktops. This can help with your social media marketing efforts and ultimately increase conversion rates. Whether you choose a standard share icon or utilize each individual social media button, it should be in an easily accessible location.

In general, you want to ensure that your mobile navigation design does not include too many choices. When it comes to mobile, less is better. People want instant gratification, so if your website fails to give users what they want, they will seek out a better experience elsewhere. Mobile navigation is a hot topic right now and must be addressed appropriately. IndiaWebmediaPro Technologies can help you design with both purpose and precision in order to provide the best user experience.