July 10, 2017

Top Trends Shaping Mobile Development

Mobile applications have officially taken over. The future of mobile application development promises to see the continuing emergence of new, cutting-edge techniques and tools accompanied by growth in traditional technologies. New developments encompass the “mobile first” concept paired by enterprise mobility. Let’s take a look at the top trends shaping mobile development.

Augmented Reality

While augmented reality has long sounded like a wildly futuristic concept, there has been a huge boom in the availability of these apps. Most won’t forget the Pokémon GO phenomenon that hit last summer. It required users to go out into the world, walk around, and catch Pokémon through utilizing GPS to mark the location. Another great example of this technology is WallaMe, which allows users to leave hidden messages in various locations around the world that can only be read by other people using the app.

Artificial Intelligence

Although the first thing individuals tend to think of when they hear AI is robots taking over society and subsequently jobs. For our discussion’s sake, we are going to focus on how it can incorporate various interfaces into mobile applications. For example, Amazon Lex Integration helps coders create a chat bot conversational interface. Other smart apps can include a thinking component that processes the context and location of the person and make recommendations.

Composed Vs. Coded

Moving forward, rather than hand-coding mobile applications, there are predictions that apps will be composed by mixing and matching reusable APIs. Digital business professionals are now being forced to offer mobile experiences that depend on partners, pull mobile in-house, and operate as synced teams to build better customer experiences. Apps will be composed instead of coded to break the monolithic models currently used today.

Serverless Apps

As a natural fit for cloud computing, serverless computing is a development approach that will impact mobile development. One such company, AWS (Amazon Web Services), has already hopped on the bandwagon, providing enhancements for mobile back-end functionality such as user authentication, data storage, push notifications, and content delivery.

There will be a wealth of trends that will continue to shape mobile development. Ordinary business users will soon be able to create their own enterprise apps utilizing low-code development tools. Regardless, mobile development is an all-encompassing task best left to professionals. IndiaWebmediaPro Technologies specializes in mobile design and development geared towards the ever changing technological advances that are beginning to shift.