May 25, 2018

Choosing The Right App For Your Business

An application, often referred to as an app, is a program designed for use on a mobile device. Most people use apps everyday and the growing popularity is pushing businesses towards jumping on the app bandwagon. While not every business needs an app, it is an increasing trend that requires a lot of time and understanding. If you do decide to create an application, you must select which type offers the best combination of functionality and cost. Let’s explore how to choose the best app for your business.

Native Apps

These are designed to run on a specific mobile operating system and are downloaded to the device from an app store. Since they are built with programming language specific to the operating system, separate apps must be built for each device type. The upside to native apps is that they generally work faster and more efficiently. They can store data securely on the device and once downloaded, the app icon is displayed on the device’s home screen. Unfortunately, these apps tend to be more expensive to develop.

Web Apps

Web applications are built using the same programming language as a website, and is accessible to anyone who has web access. They deliver an app-like user experience without the need to develop a fully native application. The upside to these types of apps is that they have the same user interface across multiple devices, making for a uniform experience. They tend to be easier to maintain and support and have no restrictions on running ads, charging for subscriptions, or collecting membership fees. Since they are not available in the app store, users may have difficulty finding them.

Hybrid Apps

When you combine a native app with a web app, you get a hybrid app. They are built with web-based code components, but unlike a web app, it is able to access device-specific hardware and features. Similar to native apps, hybrid apps are distributed through an app store. They tend to be faster to develop since they use a single web-based code for both iOS and Android, and offer a consistent user interface across all devices. The one downside is their performance, which is highly inferior to a native app.

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