Is Your Website Loading Slowly

June 10, 2014

Is Your Website Loading Slowly?

Uh-oh! Web pages loading slowly? Here’s what you can do…

We’ve all been there! You click onto a new web page, and for several seconds your cursor runs in a circle on a blank screen. Slowly, the page begins to load. But it feels like forever, even if only a few moments. What can be done to help with this issue? Below are some generalized pointers to get you on the fast track to faster loading speeds.

Studies have mentioned that web pages which load slowly can quickly drive clients away, and in general, a page that takes longer than ten seconds to load can cause clients to click over to another page and not return to the first result. Your first place to check would be the page content. Is the page heavy on pictures and graphics? If so, those can surely slow down the appearance of page materials. Services such as on-page website optimization can help cut down the size of these pictures and graphics to more manageable levels, which can ease the speed of the page’s appearance quite effectively.

Another area to be assessed would be page loading speed. Loading speed can be checked by using websites such as Speedtest, which can inform you at a glance your overall upload and download speeds. This information can be essential for further tweaking and website optimization, as loading speed can be solved quite simply. Techniques such as hardware and software adjustments, changes to webpage layout, and additional website optimization such as combining related website components to prevent clogging the system even further.

IndiaWebmediaPro Technologies can make suggestions to help you design an efficient and streamlined site that is user friendly and provides needed textual information up front. Using words and text can help sites to load rapidly and present data quickly, as opposed to slower-loading photos and animated graphics that can bog down systems. Try some of these tips and get into the fast lane online now without delay!