How Secure Is Your Website

DECEMBER 10, 2015

How Secure is Your Website?

While technology is constantly on the rise, a main problem that continues to exist is concerns with security. Information is stolen on a daily basis and subsequently used to send spam messages, open backdoors to systems, damage computers, and steal private material. The number of sites that have become victims to security threats continues to grow. To fight back and beat this threat, follow some of these tips and tools.

Exploit Attacks

An exploit is a malicious code that is distributed to exploit a weakness in an existing code. An easy solution to prevent this problem is through keeping plugins up to date and reporting any potential bugs you encounter to developers.

SQL Injections

A SQL injection is a process where an attacker attempts to pass SQL code through a website form or script in order to retrieve data. This data could include email addresses, usernames, passwords, and other confidential information. To avoid this, backup your database once per day and secure your files.

Default User

One of the biggest security risks in every system is the user. Often they save passwords to files on their computer. Unfortunately, brute force attacks may still attempt to guess your password. Handle this through installing a login limiter and pay attention to usernames. Delete any default usernames.

Direct Access

Websites often provide direct access to the login page, which can be an easy entryway for hackers. Even if a hacker steals information, they won’t be able to use it if they do not have access to the login page.

If your website has already been a victim of malicious software or brutal attacks, remember that it is not too late. You can prevent yourself from becoming a perpetual victim in the future. There are various tools that web developers can use to scan your site and take steps to correct the problem. Professionals at IndiaWebmediaPro Technologies are armed with the knowledge to identify and help solve your website security vulnerabilities.