Has Your Business Gone Mobile

MARCH 10, 2015

Has Your Business Gone Mobile?

The invention of smart phones has completely revolutionized the way people live and communicate. When friends meet for coffee and have a discussion, the moment something is questioned, either party can pull out their phone, perform a quick search, and find the information they need almost instantly. This sort of ‘information on the go’ mindset has become a standard part of day to day life in the world today, and has had a phenomenal influence on the business world. If a consumer sees an item he or she is interested in, but isn’t sure about paying the marked price, a quick search from a smart phone can help compare prices and allow them to see whether it can be bought online for a discount. In order to survive in the business world of today, you have to make your business go mobile.

Ensure Your Website is Mobile Friendly

Most websites are difficult to navigate on a mobile device, since they were designed for mouse and keyboard use. Even websites that have mobile versions are not always the easiest to navigate because of their design limitations. By taking the time to ensure your site is mobile friendly, or hiring someone with programming experience to build you a mobile friendly site, you can cater to an untapped market right on the brink of its explosion.

Responsive Web Design

Designing your online presence to work with mobile devices is essential in succeeding in today’s business world. Many companies have taken this a step further by having specially designed web applications that allow users to shop without the need of a web browser. In addition, responsive web design allows you to customize the content displayed to browsers based on their locations.

PC vs. Mobile

Estimates have predicted that more searches for products and content will be conducted via mobile device than by PC as early as 2015. Mobile searches make up 40% of Google’s web traffic at present, and that number is only expected to increase as sales of smart phones skyrocket.

The Importance of SEO

If your website is not optimized for search engines, now is the time to make it so. Optimizing for specific keywords ensures that your page will appear in the results, bringing large amounts of organic traffic and increasing sales in ways that normal marketing could only dream of doing. SEO is a concept that is taught for online marketers, but the business world has not caught on to its importance for mobile sales yet. By optimizing now, and aiming your page at the mobile market, you stand the change of being one of the pioneers in this area of business, which can result in enormous profits.

Mobile browsing is the future of business, and those that take advantage of the calm before the storm will be those that reap the traffic, and most importantly, the profits. Make sure you’re in that group; take the time now to make sure your business goes mobile, and sit back as the profits pour in.