January 10, 2018

Managing Your Online Identity

Most of us have turned to Google and searched our name at one point in time. Don’t let your social media or online presence keep you from a new opportunity. There is significant value that lies in your first impression. You must look good, act professionally, and put your best self out there. It is essential to do everything within your power to minimize flaws and rid anything that is potentially damaging. The same rules apply to your online identity. If someone were to Google your name, what would they find? Below are tips to help make sure your online identity is how it should be.

Search Your Name

If you are going to manage your online identity, you must first know what it looks like. Conduct a Google, Yahoo, and Bing search to see what results appear. Use your name and other identifying information such as the city you live or where you work. Pay close attention to the first page of results, but also navigate through a few more pages. You will not only want to look at the text, but also photos. If you see anything that you shouldn’t, take steps to remove that content.

Sign Up for Alerts

The web is fluid and new content is added all the time. To prevent any surprises in the future, you can turn on email notifications for major search engines that will notify you if anything with your name on it pops up. If you do receive an email, it is imperative to follow up with each notification to make sure the content isn’t potentially damaging.

Review Social Media

We can be our own worst enemies at times. Sometimes we may post tasteless photos or rants in the name of political consciousness. While our close friends and family may understand that this content isn’t a true depiction of our best selves, it may not come across that way to everyone else. Go through your Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Instagram, and any other social media and delete anything that detracts from a good first impression.

Share Frequently

It is generally not enough to just remove bad content when it comes to managing your online identity. You must add positive content, which may entail setting up appealing social media profiles. Incorporate positive updates and post photos that show you in a professional light. Steer away from anything that’s controversial or potentially offensive.

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