November 25, 2017

Showcasing Testimonials for Your Business

Client testimonials are essential for establishing credibility and a sense of stability. Additionally, they provide a boost to your conversion of new customers. According to WikiJob, when site visitors are able to see feedback from satisfied customers, sales increased by approximately 34 percent. But it isn’t enough to simply publish these testimonials. There are clever ways you can go about it to help grow your business.

Change Up Testimonial Placement:

 There are two locations that tend to be most successful for placement of client testimonials. This includes product pages themselves and in the website’s sidebar.

Match Prospects With Previous Customers:

 Testimonials need to be relevant for your sales prospects. Generic feedback won’t leave the same impression that relevant, well-tailored testimonials will.

Cherry-Pick Product Reviews:

 When building your page, you may want to think about which reviews are worth publishing and which are not. Don’t silence negative clients, but instead try to focus on reviews that are as personal as possible.

Incorporate Multimedia:

 To counteract the impersonal nature of an online review, consider publishing video testimonials or leverage existing channels such as YouTube.

Whether you are a website manager for a brand or a business owner, it pays to get creative with testimonials. This builds your reputation and leads to increased success. IndiaWebmediaPro Technologies knows the importance of generating a brand identity and how to incorporate specific components into your website to earn customer’s trust. Contact us to learn more about how we can address your specific needs today!