June 10, 2017

Digital Printing: New Age Technology

The print world is a lot more complex than most think. With an abundance of proofs, color correction, press checks, and papers to choose from, it can be difficult to determine what print method is best. Additionally, those who are unfamiliar with the field may be unsure of the difference between offset and digital. For the novel printers, let’s review some important facts to know when designing and printing in 2017.

Digital printing is a term used to describe the technology that links printing processes to computers. While there are various technologies available, the main types of machines fall under the HP Indigo or Dry Toner banners. While the HP Indigo is unarguably superior when it comes to print quality, Dry Toner is closing the gap in terms of enhancement. Another aspect of digital printing that is imperative to understand is that digitally certified paper is generally advised.

Improvements in digital printing mean that newer machines can produce similar print results to offset printing. Additionally, digital printing is a much simpler process. Without the need for plates or mixing ink, the final print can be delivered much faster than through its predecessor. Furthermore, with no set-up costs, no minimum print quantities, no plate costs, and the ability for digital machines to conduct inline finishes such as binding, the cost and turnaround times are significantly reduced.

The boom in digital print has allowed the ability to incorporate special effects such as white ink and Pantone colors, UV red invisible ink, clear varnish, gloss effects, and raised ink. Furthermore, for those who are environmentally conscious, digital printing means less waste due to the elimination of films, plates, and photo chemicals. Regardless of what your objective may be, newer technology has created endless possibilities. IndiaWebmediaPro Technologies provides digital print services to clients for a variety of projects and needs. Whether you are generating business cards for your company or creating brochures, we will work with you to get the job done.