10 Ways To Improve Website Search Rankings

May 10, 2014

10 Ways To Improve Website Search Rankings

Creating a website is step one. Getting your website to rank well in Google’s search results is the never-ending effort — more of a challenge! Fortunately, you don’t have to spend big money or be a technical guru to boost your site’s ranking. Let’s look at some simple ways to ramp up your website’s search ability. Below are 10 ways to improve your website’s search engine rankings:

  1. Create quality content:The mantra “Content is king” has become a bit of a cliché, but with good reason. Google strongly favors well-written, information-rich content. Be sure you’re writing for human readers, not robots.
  2. Update your content regularly:Frequently-updated content is considered more relevant and important in the eyes of the search engines. Every time you post a new article or blog entry, you’re providing an additional opportunity for readers to find your site.
  3. Choose your keywords carefully:Taking the time to do good keyword research can make a huge impact on your website’s SEO. Put yourself in a potential reader or customer’s shoes and imagine what search terms they would use to find your site. You can also use Google Analytics to find out how your visitors are arriving at your site.
  4. But don’t get too crazy with your keywords:In the old days of SEO, quantity trumped quality when it came to keywords. Unfortunately, this led to artificial, keyword-stuffed content that had little value to real readers. Use your targeted keywords judiciously.
  5. Be wary of Flash:Flash-based sites are inexpensive to create and look pretty impressive. However, they tend to rank badly with the search engines. Try using WordPress or an alternative platform instead, and you’ll soon see a difference in your rankings.
  6. Develop social signals:Social media plays a significant role in today’s SEO environment. Retweets, shares and other mentions on social media can have a positive influence on your ranking.
  7. Go local:Local SEO can boost your ranking and visibility with Google. Factors like map data, listings on local information websites and reviews help give your business the local clout favored by Google.
  8. Add images and videos:It’s clear that search results that contain video content enjoy higher rankings than text-only results. In addition, these media-rich search results are more likely to catch the reader’s eye and get clicked. Images and video add value to content: Be sure to use them to your advantage.
  9. Write guest posts:Guest-posting on relevant, authoritative blogs is a great way to build a network of solid, quality backlinks. Stay far away from shady link-building practices; these outdated methods won’t help your SEO and are likely to get you penalized by Google.
  10. Seek out relevant directories:Web directories can still be an effective way to expand your backlink profile. Steer clear of directories that automatically accept submissions. The most credible directories manually edit and approve their listings.