FEBRUARY 10, 2017

Millennial Branding: Emergence of Simplistic Logo Designs

We currently live in an age that saturates information with images and messages. Everything we strive to know can be easily found at our fingertips through computers or smartphones. Your logos should be simplistic in order to cut through the constant noise associated with millennial living. Simple logo designs can articulate important messages associated with a brand. Let’s examine seven key components associated with simplistic logo designs.

  1. User Interface Friendly Typography

Society now uses multiple modes of technology, so logos must be scalable to fit any platform. For example, Google’s simplistic logo utilizes sans-serif font, which can be easily used in a variety of platforms.

  1. Ombre

Color gradients that were traditionally used are now being replaced with stepped color increments, allowing for texture and pattern to define edges.

  1. Negative Space

Although this design concept has been around for many years, it is now beginning to emerge in popularity. Designs that utilize negative space incorporate subliminal messages while creating balance.

  1. Linked

Linked imagery provides an extremely powerful visual representation. Brands are catching on to the analogy of linking others through the power of the Internet, ultimately strengthening their logos.

  1. Corners

Shapes influence audiences, and right angles aka corners, provides a natural conformity to which society craves. Regardless of how they are used, corners can express unique messages.

  1. Line Art

Whether your design incorporates monolines or line dash designs, they create a sense of motion and add dimension.

  1. Bars

Individuals seek rhythm in their daily life, so utilizing logos with pattern bars provides a sense of control as customers can predict what is following.

Design logos in today’s age need to be as simple as possible in order to cut through the distracting clutter. It shouldn’t take away any aspects of a design, but rather provide clear messages and communicates your brand clearly. IndiaWebmediaPro Technologies works with clients to identify, refine, and design logos that stand out and remain relevant. Contact us for more information on creating engaging collateral for your brand!