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Website & App Design

Website Mock-Ups & Website Flowcharts/Sitemap

Wireframes, workflows, layouts, sitemaps & here we go, on & on. Quite often we need to figure it out much before starting work on your website design. More like what it says it is, we generally create a sample of what your website might appear like, right from the start. This is typically a one or two page design coupled with website flowchart/sitemap in order to give clients a basic idea of design & flow which we are considering of implementing for creation of your website. Subsequently, we can go back & forth on your suggested general changes prior to factually starting design & development of your website.


Web Graphic and Ad Design

In case you already have a website & running ad campaigns, we are here to bring your designs to the next level. Maybe you would prefer to have some image slider graphics (can you guess), banners, on page graphics or if you would consider sprucing up your online ads. Effectively, we intend creating what you have in mind by turning your vision into reality. Our design team is highly skilled & potentially caffeinated in order to deliver quick & efficient results for your benefit.


Layout Design

Right from page 1 to maybe 100 or more of layout design, IndiaWebmediaPro can effectively create the entire workflow, project & design with comfortable ease. Several projects commonly priced at per page basis for layout design. However, this pricing is normally dependent upon the complexity, turn-around time & design which is required for your project. Our team consists of experts in layout design for catalogues, newspapers, magazines, brochures, coupon books, trade show pamphlets, single sheets, price sheets, restaurant menus, restaurant sluggers, restaurant to-go menus & numerous other types of print media which are not mentioned here. You name it for us to create.


Landing Page Design

Main advantage of a landing page is that it directly supports established business goals like reaching newer niche markets, promoting newer products, finding new customers or closing on an extended score of sales. Landing pages are meant to benefit your business mainly because they can effectively cater to a specific audience or goal which you intend to target. This will also allow you to measure success in relation to the specific goals you had in mind before creating a landing page. Our landing page designs evolve around specific actions which can be tailored in order to meet your business goals. Landing pages are meant to encourage people to take actions like signing up to your mailing list, providing contact information, subscribing to newsletters, requesting consultation or making a purchase.


Landing Page Redesign

A new start is always full of new opportunities. This is a great time to dive into marketing initiatives & to make up your mind as to where to focus your marketing dollars. One thing which is not, but should be on top of the list is considering redesigning of your landing pages. The first impression of your landing page created upon a visitor will reflect upon the status of your organization. It is therefore important to set the right tone & to provide the most updated information. In case your landing page was designed more than a year or two back, this might be the right time to consider giving it a fresh feel & look for your website.


Website Design

IndiaWebmediaPro is known for creating website designs which are having unique interactive User Interface alongside improved user experience which effectively stands out in order to give your business an added advantage over your competitors. We are all ears while listening to your suggestions & collect every bit of information about your organization, business & product along with your values & vision in order to portray your goals in the right perspective. IndiaWebmediaPro is a design-led agency & which is eventually visible in all we do. We are masters when it comes to creating simple, aesthetic & intuitive website formats & designs which can significantly alter how you conduct your business.


Website Redesign

Consider giving your existing website a contemporary look without having to change its functionality. IndiaWebmediaPro provides web redesigning services for those who are not fully satisfied with present look of their websites. Our specialty lies in giving your website a framework which is elegant, fresh, clean & appealing at the same time.


Responsive Website Design

Nowadays, a large percentage of visitors browse internet by using smart phones or with help of small screen devices. Therefore, responsive websites need to perform best on all types of devices & thereby eliminate the need of developing customized native apps. Website developers at IndiaWebmediaPro are highly efficient in making your website friendly to all types of devices while providing equally best experience to users of smart phones. This is an ideal way with which you will only need to maintain just one website which will effectively cater to all of your customers & visitors.


App Screen Design

We all know that first impressions are the ones which last. The first thing which any user would notice about your mobile app is the User Interface or UI in short. Traditional definition of UI is that ‘it is a space where interactions between machines & humans occur’. This essentially refers to the look & feel of the app with a user point of view. Effective & engaging UI will spell out the difference between success & failure of your mobile app screen design. An application which is built with the perfect UI will eventually help the mobile users operate the app in a comfortable manner & which then is bound to increase your brand value in their eyes. On the flip side, a bad UI can cripple your prospects even with the best & highly functional app just because the mobile user is not comfortable with the way it feels. However, with the right type of UI, apps are capable of generating the best User Experience or UX & thereby deliver value for your product while effectively increasing popularity of your brand. Moreover, with recent trends, rapid development & advancement in mobile technology, mobile applications platform is being reviewed as a major source of brand marketing, both for large as well as small businesses. This is why the right kind of mobile app coupled with an engaging & innovative UI will do wonders for the growth & development of your business.