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Web Site Mock-Ups and Website Flowcharts/Sitemap

Wireframes, layouts, workflows, site maps and so on. Fun, Fun, Fun! Often we need to figure this out before we (hopefully) or even another company starts your website design. This is what is says it is, we create a general sample of what your website might look like.

Typically, this one to two pages of design partnered with a website flow chart/sitemap to give you an idea of the design and flow we are considering for your website. We then can go back and forth on any general changes you want before we start your actual website design and development.


Web Graphic and Ad Design

If you already have your website and ad campaigns running. We can bring your designs to the next level. Maybe you want some new image slider graphics (do you know what that is?), banners, on page graphics, or spruce up your online ads. Let us create what you have in mind and bring your vision into reality. Our highly skilled, over caffeinated design team will handle it for you quickly and efficiently!


Layout Design

From 1 to 100 pages of layout design or more, IWP can layout your entire workflow, project and design with ease. Most projects are priced at a per page rate for layout design. This pricing is dependent on the complexity, turn around time, and design needed of your project. We have experts in layout design for magazines, newspapers, catalogues, one sheets, price sheets, trade show pamphlets, coupon books, brochures, restaurant menus, restaurant to-go menus, restaurant sluggers, and all other types of print media not mentioned in the list here.


Landing Page Design

Main benefits of landing pages is that they directly support your business goals such reaching a new niche market, promoting a new product, getting new customers, or closing more sales. Landing pages benefit your business because they can be catered to the specific audience or goal you are targeting, and allow you to measure success with relation to that goal.

Designed around specific actions that can be tailored to meet your business goals, landing pages can encourage people to take action such as sign up for your mailing list, provide contact information, subscribe to a newsletter, make a purchase, or request a consultation.


Landing Page Redesign

As we start a new year full of new opportunities, it’s time to dive into your marketing initiatives for 2017 and decide where to focus your marketing dollars. One thing that might not be at the top of the list, but should be, is to consider a redesign of your landing page. Your landing page could be the first impression a visitor has with your organization and it is important to set the right tone and to provide updated information.

If your landing page was designed more than a year or two ago, it might be time to consider a fresh look and feel for your site.


Website Design

Unique creative website designs having interactive User Interface with improved user experience, that stand out well to give you an added advantage over your competitors. We listen to you, collect every piece of information about your business, your organization, your product, your values, your vision and put ourselves in your goal.

We’re a design-led agency and you can see that in every thing we do. We are masters at creating simple, beautiful and intuitive websites designs that significantly change your business.


Website Redesign

Your current website Give your existing website a contemporary look without changing its functionality. IWP provides website re-design services to those who are not satisfied with the current look of their websites. We specialize in giving your site a framework which is fresh, clean, and appealing.


Responsive Website Design

A bigger percentage of visitors browser internet using smart phones or small screen devices these days. Responsive website performs best on all devices thus eliminate the need of developing native apps.  Website developer at IWP are highly efficient to make your website friendly to any device providing equally best experience to smart phone users. This way you only need maintain one website which effectively work for all of your customers.


App Screen Design

All say first impressions are lasting impressions. The very first thing a user is going to notice about your mobile app, is its User Interface or UI. The traditional definition of UI is that it is “the space where interactions between humans and machines occurs.” Essentially, it refers to the look and feel of your app when viewed by the user. An effective and engaging UI can often spell the difference between success and failure of your mobile app. An application built with the perfect UI will help users operate the app in a more comfortable manner while increasing your brand value in their eyes. A bad UI on the other hand can cripple even the best and highly functional apps, simply because the user is not comfortable with the way it feels.

With the right sort of UI, an app can generate the best kind of User Experience or UX, thereby delivering product value and increasing the popularity and value of your brand. With the recent advancements in mobile technology, the mobile application platform is being viewed as a major source of brand marketing for both large and small businesses. The right sort of mobile app with an engaging and innovative UI can do wonders for business growth and development.