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Graphic Design


Logo design/develop is the first thing we will need to develop before we try anything else. We will need the logo first prior to attempting designing a business card, a website design or a facebook page as well. Essentially, logo design is a pictorial symbol of the company which says all about who you are & what you do. Eventually, this will be the face which people will recognize as your brand or company.


Brochure Design

Brochure design is another cornerstone which most businesses must next achieve. Although the website will serve as an online soft brochure, it is however important for companies to have an offline brochure as well for walk in customers & for sales personal who can leave these around town so as to create brand or product awareness.

IndiaWebmediaPro designs a variety of brochures including Jedi-fold, z-fold, die cut, quad-fold, bi-fold, tri-fold & gate fold. Most brochure design packages offered by us are inclusive of full services comprised of color design, printing & shipping to the location you desire for a single flat rate. After all, your brochure is the most cost effective printed marketing material available at your disposal.


Advertisement Design

IndiaWebmediaPro can design & execute ads or run an ad campaign for you if you are currently looking for one. We will design & implement excellent Facebook ads, Google ads, Yahoo ads, Bing ads, Craigslist ads, Mailed ads, Print Media ads, Newspaper ads, Magazine ads & many more for you just have to name it. Our printing charges for your print media ads are one of the most competitive you will find in the printing industry. Moreover, we use out-of-the-box concept ideas & most updated design tools to visualize your ads in order to provide you a leading edge over your competitors. Our design team utilizes the latest versions of InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator & Adobe Professional for creating ads.


Banner Design

You could guess by now that we also design & print excellent banners as well. Most common uses of banners are meant for special events, sports teams, contests & local city events. Size does not matter, whether you require a 3 X 5 feet banner or a 10 X 40 feet banner, we’ll do it for you.


Business Card Design

Business cards are a cornerstone of any type of business. Even in this digital age, each & every individual, business or company still requires these little cards which are more than a mere introduction. These cards in fact proclaim your worth even in your absence. We make sure to kick them up a notch for you. Our business card designs come in varying features to fulfill your taste like with glossy finish, matt finish, rounded corners, extra thick & folding as well. We ensure that your card is unique & stands out from the rest of your competitors.


Postcards/Mailer Design

Print & mail marketing is still a primary aspect of any successful marketing strategy. Our aim is to create & execute a design which effectively stands out to be looked upon & considered important by potential clients & customers lest it be tossed out as junk mail. Most badly designed mails go straight into circular files acting as the company’s garbage mail collectors. This is exactly the reason why we put excellent & massive amounts of creativity, use of modern technology tools & calls to action for generating the best possible mailing campaign for your company requirements. We are also adept in running an Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) campaign for you or run addresses direct onto postcards as per your requirements. Just make sure to hand over your mailing list with the order.


Poster Design

Poster design can be for many purposes & many people including political candidates, announcements, recognitions, musical concerts, plays, theaters, lost & found purposes & a variety of special events. IndiaWebmedicaPro offers a wide range of poster sizes, including design & printing so as to suit individual poster needs. Each & every project designed by IndiaWebmediaPro is taken personally & fulfilled as per client expectations. You will never be disappointed by the outcome designed by us for your company. You can take a look here at some of the posters we have designed in the past.


Event Invitation

Every event & celebration around the corner needs that you put out a word in style. After all, it is not just what you say but how you say it. IndiaWebmediaPro will design the printed & digital event invitations for you. Of course you can always create a facebook post to announce an event for all your friends, but then it is such a waste as more than half of your followers will not even see them. On top of that, they may post excuses or enquire with you as to why they were not invited. A personal invitation is what is expected & it works. We are here to create & design an extremely nice invitation which you can mail or share by email & through social media to put the word out for friends. IndiaWebmediaPro can do everything you would need for such occasions; maybe you also need to collect RSVPs for the event as well. Try it out; we can create an effective online/website RSVP to serve the purpose.


Wedding Invitation

You don’t get to do this always. This is a rare once in a lifetime occasion. Maybe in 6 months, 1 year or 2 years from now, you are planning to get married. It could be a big puzzle for you to put the pieces regarding your wedding together. You will have to save the dates, design invitations, RSVP cards, provide directions, create maps, registry cards, programs & so much more which can be beyond your imagination. Moreover, everything is to be designed & printed in time. IndiaWebmediaPro realized how important this occasion is for you. We pay close attention to every detail relating to your wedding day. We’ll go that extra mile in helping you right from the start to finish when it comes to designing your wedding invitations.


Magazine Design

Many of us still produce & enjoy reading tangible items like newspaper, magazines & books which we can touch & feel as well. We are talking about the anti ‘I’ device design medium. We are one of the best places for designing your magazine including a full-fledged layout, assisting in content creation, branding & even provide consulting services for marketing of your magazine. Nevertheless, we will be more than glad to tackle your requirements for graphic design layout projects. Apart from these services, you can bank on us for providing connections on several printing quotes required for the magazine & proper distribution.


Newspaper Design

People still like to read & follow the old black & white appearance of daily dose of newsbreak. We hold extensive experience in newspaper design & printing including both black & white & color formats. Right from concept to content development to ad design & target marketing, we can make sure that your local newspaper project gets going well on track.


Sign Design

IndiaWebmediaPro can handle every type of your graphic design requirement. Even if you are already picked out on your sign style & sign maker, we can directly work with your sign maker on design specs & file formats that are required for producing the best possible signs.


Restaurant Menu Design

We have had the pleasure of designing more than 100 fully different customized restaurant menus for a wide range of clients by now. We also understand that each restaurant is unique & therefore menu for your restaurant should also be unique. Our vast experience in designing restaurant menus ensures that you get the best of menu design concept & techniques which are capable of generating the greatest return on your investments. Additionally, apart from design our experience empowers us to helpful in food photography, item placement & for suggesting overall marketing strategies for you restaurant as well.


Restaurant Slugger Design

Sluggers, not having anything to do with punching, are a great marketing tool for restaurants. Sluggers typically accompany the primary restaurant menu which proudly displays hot menu & current special items. Restaurant sluggers are also utilized for displaying the drink & dessert menus. These sluggers are usually inserted within menu pages or are given along with the menu. The reason we insist on designing restaurant sluggers is because they can be easily replaced in order to provide a fresh feel every now & then & are cost effective instead of changing the entire menu. Moreover, restaurant sluggers come in all types of sizes, shapes & styles. We will be more than happy to help you in designing attractive sluggers which will be required by your restaurant.


Restaurant Table Tent Design

Though it is quite like camping, but not so really; Table tents are a premium marketing tool for restaurants. There are a large variety of tents which can be effectively used for displaying drinks, specials, for creating social media connections & much more. IndiaWebmediaPro marketing team can help you in designing & implementing successful restaurant table tents as well.


Book Layout and Cover Design

Every now & then, authors have approached us for book cover & layout designs. We have developed expertise in handling your book cover design & complete layout of pages as required. Of course both the concept & design will be done in consultation with you so as to fulfill your aspirations. Along with this our book cover & layout design will essentially match with the specifications provided by the publisher. Our suggestion is that you be positively sure that the final draft is perfect before we start simply because correcting it later will not just be time consuming but will prove expensive as well.


Envelope Design

In case mailing occupies a large part of your everyday business, it would be an excellent idea to brand them & put envelopes them to good use as they travel to their destinations. Colored & custom printed envelopes will effectively stand out in the mailbox & thereby increase open rates & responsiveness of your clients. You could also use the outside space of your envelopes for coupons, calls to action or a few ads as well. IndiaWebmediaPro will be thrilled to design & print some great envelopes for you right away. Our wide range of colors & layout options are waiting to be yours. Typically, envelope design is commonly bundled with a company’s business card & letterhead designs.


Letterhead Design

Although many business do not use letterheads anymore, but there are some who insist upon having one for various reasons. Common reasons cited for having a letterhead nowadays include legal aspects or maybe having to send special notes to customers every now & then. IndiawebmediaPro would be more than pleased to design a letterhead for you. Our letterhead designs usually come within a package along with logo design, envelopes & business cards.


Presentation Folder Design

There are several instances when you are required to spoof up your presentations for employers or potential customers. Fully branded & full color/design presentation folders are in nowadays. This is especially useful piece of print when you are meaning to sell a particular product to retail & other forms of selling outlets. This is definitely a chill way to go, more so in conjunction with branded letterheads, business cards & product brochures. IndiaWebmediaPro is keen to design your folder as well & with all material contained within the presentation itself. Alongside design, we can also provide printing service for you as well. Bear in mind that a complete presentation folder with all materials inside maybe quite an investment including graphic design & printing, but when application is appropriate in the long run it can pay off like nothing else.


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