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Custom Solutions

Are you looking for solutions that are very business specific, unique and not available anywhere?

Needs do not come in standard sizes or specs. We understand that when it comes to lead generation, lead qualification, lead nurturing, or general research pertaining to competition, prospects or customers, businesses might need some unique services and expertise to get relevant intelligence.


Completely customized solutions based on your needs

We not only offer a set range of services, but are also willing to explore new avenues and push new horizons to get the information and business insights that will enable you to understand the market better and device powerful growth strategies.

Whether you are looking for guidance or full-service solutions, IndiaWebmediaPro can help you with professional, pragmatic and affordable approaches for a variety of challenges. We offer tailor-made services that leverage the latest developments in online marketing, lead generation, and sales follow-up in order to help you achieve more. Our solutions can help you get a better idea about your organization’s perceptions, products gaps, and communication issues.


Some scenarios where our custom solutions can turn out to be valuable:

  • Understand why your competitor’s customers chose them rather than you.
  • Gauge the prospect’s pulse (critical information about their initiative, technology or vendor landscape, budget, deadlines, fitment of solution like yours and more)even before an inside sales rep makes the first attempt to schedule a demo or a meeting.
  • Utilize discarded leads with greater insights so as to convert them into sales ready opportunities.
  • And more…


Our expertise in Custom Solutions:

  • Technology Consulting & Architecture
  • Enterprise Solutions Architecture
  • Cross-Platform Development
  • Custom Solution Implementation
  • Business Application Development and Maintenance
  • Enterprise Systems Integration
  • Productization of Software Tools and Workflows


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