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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most noteworthy aspects for individuals and organizations having income producing websites. Search engine is a kind of web base application service developed in order to provide a helping hand to the internet users which would be of great benefit while listing and searching the relevant subject. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is often considered the more technical part of Web marketing. Search engine optimization means analysis of your site and making required improvements so that it becomes possible for search engines to index and rank it. A stylishly designed website gives the first impression, but it does not attract visitors and prospective clients to your websites and certainly not the search engine spiders.

The equation is straightforward and directly proportional, the greater the figure of guests, greater the likelihood for you to trade your product and make terrific proceeds. Individuals are constantly observant and keen for buying online products, however if the site has not been focused in terms of search optimization, it goes astray in the midst of millions or rather you can say billions of other sites. We at Indiawebmediapro appreciate your requirements and are geared up to furnish our services for your businesses to assist you so that you become distinct from your rivals.

Why should you prefer Indiawebmediapro as your SEO Company?

Our Search Engine Optimization services comprises of the subsequent significant measures that are vital for any company to succeed.

  • Extensive Keyword research – We are acquainted with the information that the customer hunt for in requisites for the key phrases and precise words. We perform extensive investigation in judging the accurate preference of keywords for you and aid your site for attaining optimization as quickly as possible.
  • Rival Research (Competitor Analysis) – Understanding your rivals provides you an enormous advantage. We at prospectsoftesch find your right competition and work out on policies for you to rush ahead of your competitors.
  • Website scrutiny – We scrutinize your website and help to optimize it for entire improvement, generating precedence’s for your sites.
  • GEO Targeting – Several institutions desire to operate in distinct localities. We make certain the narrowing of the market and serving you to manage patrons from your favored location
  • Content Writing – Boasting about an eye-catching web design is well complimented by plugging it with the right words. We have a highly professional pool of writers who would churn out web friendly content and promotion pages for your products and services.
  • Google Webmaster Tools & Analytics – We would be creating a Google Webmaster Tools account and would create a sitemap for tracking the status of page title discrepancies and crawl rates along with page indexing. We would also help recognize present and futuristic issues for better servicing of your website. Once we create your account, you would be able to keep account of the number of visitors in your website.
  • Frequent SEO Reports – We would be providing SEO reports to keep you in touch with the goals that have been met, and also future targets that have to be completed.

Our Process of Working:

  • Information Gathering
  • Planning & Start Work
  • Communicate with Client for Queries and Analysis
  • SEO Optimizer will Use IWP Tracker in Working Durations
  • Send Timely Updates
  • Client can View Print Screen of Working Durations
  • Request Client’s Feedback & Approval

Details Full Time Part Time Hourly
  • During the SEO, SEO Optimizer will be online through Skype to communicate with client.
  • Client can also communicate with SEO Optimizer through email or phone
  • SEO Optimizer will give daily update through email or using digital project reporting system
  • IndiaWebmediaPro will transfer all source code to owner as and when required
  • In case, if client is not happy, we will replace SEO Optimizer within 48 hours.
  • Free Team Leader support during the seo optimization
  • Per Day:
  • 8 Hours 4 Hours 2 Hours
  • Total:
  • 160 hours/month 80 hours/month 40 hours/month
  • Minimum period of hiring:
  • 2 Months 2 Months 2 Months
  • Billing Type:
  • Monthly 25% Advance Monthly 50% Advance Weekly 100% Advance
  • 1 Year Experienced
  • $800 USD $400 USD $5 USD
  • 2 Year Experienced
  • $1120 USD $560 USD $7 USD
  • 4 Year Experienced
  • $1600 USD $800 USD $10 USD
  • 5+ Year Experienced
  • $1920 USD $960 USD $12 USD
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